Java Software Engineer / Digital Automation and Robotics

Posted 14 Sep 2018

JP Morgan Chase

Columbus, OH United States

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As a member of our Software Engineering Group you will dive head-first into creating innovative solutions that advance businesses and careers. Youll join an inspiring and curious team of technologists dedicated to improving the design, analytics, development, coding, testing and application programming that goes into creating high quality software and new products. Youll be tasked with keeping the team and other key stakeholders up to speed on the progress of whats being developed. Coming in with an understanding of the importance of end-to-end software development-such as Agile frameworks-is key. And best of all, youll be working with and sharing ideas, information and innovation with our global team of technologists from all over the world.

This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

  • BS/BA degree or equivalent experience

  • Advanced knowledge of application, data and infrastructure architecture disciplines

  • Understanding of architecture and design across all systems

  • Working proficiency in developmental toolsets

  • Ability to collaborate with high-performing teams and individuals throughout the firm to accomplish common goals

  • A minimum of 3 years of Software Engineering experience including:

    • Knowledge of / or ability to learn best practice Robotics (Spark, ELK, OpenAI, weka, deeplearning4j, etc.)

    • Demonstrated track record developing Java/J2EE  applications for 1000s of users

    • Demonstrated track record developing Micro REST services that scale

    • Demonstrated track record performing code & design reviews adhering to OOP, SOA, and other design patterns in code

    • Demonstrated track record with Java concurrency patterns and thread-safe code

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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