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Posted 14 Sep 2018


Amsterdam, NL Netherlands

Agile Android iOS Swift

A funda QA-engineer mobile doesn’t simply scroll through an app to check if it works. No, he or she tests every code, from every sprint and every teams release is checked thoroughly and passed back to the developers. That makes a funda QA-engineer the A in Team Awesome. Don't think you need to be the best programmer at funda, because that's the guy sitting next to you.

And if working for an A-brand with plenty of volume, traffic and an office location on the IJ in Amsterdam doesn't tip the scales? Why then would you apply at funda when QA-engineers are considered a hot commodity? One of your future QA-engineer colleagues, Jeroen (who broke his personal employment record at funda), said it very aptly: "You're the average of the top five people you work with. Which is why I progress here each day."

Your job
We believe that as a QA-engineer, you have a choice: you can either slow processes down or you can speed them up. Your preference speaks for itself. You enable the team to excel. One release per day or per week won't suffice, you go for continuous deployment whereby 10 releases a day become the norm.

You're outstanding in your analysis, research and enjoy a challenging puzzle. You're effective and efficient and you believe in test-infected teams. Not only by improving each member of the team and their product, but working on their blind spots as well.

Your team
As a QA-engineer you form an integral part of a multidisciplinary Scrum team, consisting of a Product Owner, UX Designer, and multiple iOS and Android Developers. Together you’ll work on a focus area in an informal setting, with plenty of room for new ideas, experiments and learning 'on the spot'.

Your profile
You have a wealth of experience in the field of Agile Testing within a Scrum environment: experience with test automation and programming (C #, iOS and Android), perhaps a result of your background as a developer? Experience with a Unit Testing framework (hopefully Swift and Expresso), experience with designing, creating and maintaining automated UI tests and experience with the use of version control systems (preferably Git).

You also have:

  • A bachelor or university degree in science
  • 3 to 5 years relevant work experience
  • Knowledge of Continuous Delivery software strategy
  • Worked with an issue tracking system (e.g. Jira)
  • A good command of the English language both written and spoken. (And if you're Dutch, then this obviously applies to the Dutch language.)

Yes! Great. We always have room for talented people. We eagerly await your CV and explanation for wishing to join us. Email them via this link, citing QA-Engineer Mobile. For more information you can contact our recruiter Kelly van Eerden, call 06 - 15027486.

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Job Source: Github
Job Source: Github

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