GIS Analyst

Posted 13 Sep 2018

NuAxis Innovations

Denver, CO United States

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  • Identify and analyze customer-wide geospatial information needs as well as needs of specific business areas for geospatial database support

  • Support and maintain databases in the ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Portal environment.

  • Provide ongoing support for new or existing geospatial information management systems. 

  • Analyze existing data needs and develop conceptual and logical solutions for physical data management scenarios.

  • Assist data managers and end-users in identifying long and short-term geospatial data needs of the customer, define how the data is related to business processes, and participates in data modeling exercises.

  • Provide the ongoing project level data analysis support that produces consistent, accurate and complete data requirements and definitions following the established standards and guidelines

  • Assist in developing procedures and information resource management policies that ensure the integrity, consistency and control of the customer’s information resources

  • Participate in GIS data management activities such as metadata management, standards developing, and data quality assurance.

  • Work on web enabled mapping, graphics, and website creation using ArcGIS Online. Assist with administration of ArcGIS Online including creating guides, notes, presentations, policy, and best practices through group consensus and leading task groups to identify needs.

  • Manages the administrative workload for the Service's portion of the Esri Enterprise License Agreement and other national geospatial and related software licensing. Responsible for tracking the licensing information and management of the Service’s Enterprise License Information System (ELIS); ensuring that additions, changes, and deletions to the license information is recorded and up-to-date. 

  • Responsible for managing and maintaining the national license servers (mainly using the LMTools software) and ensuring software versions and installation guides are handled promptly, distributing them in a timely manner 

  • Has the ability to lead groups to find consensus and solutions on GIS related technology implementation, including leading teleconferences and Task Groups to achieve specific goals

  • Serves as a point of contact for Esri software support needs and directs users to an appropriate customer service outlet and logs customer support calls in the Esri customer support system

  • Generates summary spreadsheets used for tracking the total number of licenses and costs associated with the geospatial software, as well as cost avoidance figures for reporting and software acquisition planning purposes

  • Provides system management support for the customer’s Corporate Master Table (CMT) including project management lifecycle and managing teams to identify application needs, changes, end user assistance and policies

  • Participates in GIS data management activities and policy creation, such as metadata management, standards developing, and data quality assurance. Assist users in metadata creation including creating guides, presentations, and other publications to assist end users

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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