Lead/Senior Software Engineer (Cloud)

Posted 12 Sep 2018


New York, NY United States

java distributed-system c# go

MongoDB Cloud Team is a diverse collection of individuals working together to help our users run MongoDB in the cloud at global scale. The Cloud Team is responsible for several products - including  MongoDB Atlas - our database as a service, and MongoDB Cloud Manager / MongoDB Ops Manager - which allow our most sophisticated and demanding customers to deploy MongoDB within their own private clouds or data centers.  The Cloud Backup Team is a cross-product, platform team that is responsible for building backup and restore services for the MongoDB deployments created in all of these products.

The Cloud Backup Team provides the ability to deliver essential infrastructure to help our customers in their hour of need - providing the ability to quickly restore a massive, distributed database to any point in time at the click of a button. The Backup Team’s mission is to make MongoDB backup more reliable, faster, and also cheaper.  This team is responsible for the Backup Agent (Go), the extensive server-side infrastructure (Java) which manages PB of data and processes billions of operations per day, and the user interface (Javascript) that customers use to manage their backups. Common project themes are performance, scaling, and ease of use.

We're looking for someone who is

  • A skilled leader of both people and code. You will provide both technical leadership and mentorship to a team of 4-8 engineers.

  • Up for a challenge and loves hard problems.  Our backup services run at a truly global scale.  This is a system where efficiency is paramount, and edge-cases become common. ;)

  • A veteran of production systems, with significant operational experience.

  • Fond of chasing down tough problems in a distributed systems environment

  • Cool under pressure - has wrangled production crises, and secretly finds this a little fun

  • Skilled at writing large-scale, distributed backend systems in a compiled language (Java, C#, Go, etc.)

  • Experienced with Linux, and able to correlate application performance problems with underlying hardware limits

  • Familiar with managing a full-stack team and full-product ownership.  All of the MongoDB Cloud teams are responsible for both the back and front-end components of their applications. Though individual team members often “lean” one way or the other, we expect all engineers to be able to contribute at all levels of the stack.  The Backup product and code-base leans heavily backend, but providing a great user-experience also requires a great user-interface.

  • Curious, collaborative and intellectually honest


  • Take ownership for a large and complex product.  

  • Work closely with our SRE Team to identify and resolve operational issues.

  • Balance your time between coding, designing, mentorship, and leading your team

  • Collaborate with teams across the company including Product and Design

  • Use agile practices to deliver features on a predictable schedule

  • Grow and recruit new team members

Success Measures

A Lead Engineer will be successful in this role when they:

  • Can be a source of guidance and advice to their own team members and other teams

  • Have a vision for the future of the product and can articulate the way forward

  • Can take ownership of any production issue - coordinating whatever resources are necessary to get to the bottom of a problem.

  • Can help guide a product roadmap that strikes the right balance between improving existing systems, and adding new features.

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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