Android Multimedia(Audio) Engineers

Posted 11 Sep 2018

Faraday Future

Los Angeles, CA United States

android java c++ audio signal-processing

Android Multimedia(Audio) Engineer

Your Role:

We're looking for an experienced Android Multimedia Developer to join our team. The IoV (Internet of vehicle) Software Platform Team at Faraday Future is building a completely new generation “infotainment” products with adhesive user experience. We'd like you to be a part of the revolution, and work together to invent, prototype, iterate, and ship software that matches the quality/experience of the internet giants, and leaves the traditional automotive industry in the rear view mirror.

  • Design and develop innovative, customized multimedia features to build ultimate user experience for Faraday Future Auto, especial on Audio.

  • Enhance the Android framework to optimize performance of multimedia features on vehicle.

  • Play an expert role in trouble shooting, root causing multimedia functional/performance issues.

  • Research IoV Software platform framework technology; advanced research of new technologies.

Basic Requirements:

  • BS in Software, Electrical, Computer Engineering or related

  • Embedded software development experience, including experience in Java and C/C++.

  • A minimum of 1 years of experience in Android Multimedia development, for example, audio Framework/Audio HAL layer, system-level use cases (playback, recording and aDSP etc.)

  • Great team player, dedicated to the company, willing to take on challenging tasks

Preferred Requirements:

  • MS degree in Computer Science with 3 years of work experience.

  • Hands-on experience on Android Audio services or HAL development

  • Strong background at least in one of the following areas: Audio Focus, Audio Policy/Audio Flinger, aDSP or Audio signal processing (like NS, AEC, AGC and BF) etc.

  • Familiar with A/V compression/decompression, synchronization technology.

  • Professional experience with Java/C/C++.

  • Aggressive to work, nice to people.

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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