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Posted 10 Sep 2018


Sydney, AU Australia

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We're looking for a Thoughtful UI Designer.

See this job posting as a beautiful Qwilr page here.

Qwilr is a platform for anyone to create beautiful documents as mobile-friendly webpages. We are product-focused and product-driven, predicated on the idea that design thinking and engineering are not antagonistic disciplines, but can and should work hand in hand.

This role is based in Sydney, Australia.


We’re looking for a thoughtful and visual UI Designer, with at least a few years experience applying their design thinking to real world products, ready to take the next step in their career. Joining Qwilr’s design team of two, you'll help us tackle some large and interesting design challenges coming up this year. 

We’re totally open to people from non-traditional design backgrounds too, but the following is how we’ll be evaluating candidates:


Ability to empathise with the user

We want to see you have a routine ability to understand the people you’re designing for, the context they operate within, and how this translated to your design outcomes.


Strength in unpacking a problem

We’d like to see how you explore and unpack a problem, particularly in areas where the brief or context was initially unclear or poorly defined. 


A keen Collaborator

We believe great collaboration within design and across teams helps strengthen the solution, and we’d like to see your experience in working with others, especially cross functional teams.


Speed in validating concepts

You can quickly create working models or prototypes to flesh out an idea, and see how it feels to use it. We’d like to see how you are able to iterate quickly around a problem, without getting too attached to any particular path or idea. 


Fluent in design handover

An understanding of how your designs translate to front end code, so you can appreciate and bend constraints. Triple bonus points if you are comfortable pushing front-end code yourself.


Attention to detail and polish 

We have a very high bar in our design work, and we want to see a similarly high level of execution and pride presented in your work.


STEP 1 —

Portfolio review

After receiving your portfolio, we'll go through it to evaluate your design skills, experience, and style.  We're looking specifically for polished portfolios, with a great foundation of solid design thinking, creative solutions, and empathy for the user's context. 

STEP 2 —

Interview & Whiteboard

This will be a informal chat with Dom, our Design Lead, followed by a whiteboard session to see how you approach and collaborate on a problem. This is to see how you approach a design problem in person, and get a general feel for what it would be like working together. 

STEP 3 —

Meet the Founders

After this, you’ll come in to meet the founders, Dylan (our CEO) and Mark (our COO). This will be an informal chat. An opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you.

Job Source: Stackoverflow
Job Source: Stackoverflow

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